Protesters grouped together by the police in a stadium, the university of California at Los Angeles protest

Manifestants regroupés par la police dans un stade, l’université de Californie à Los Angeles proteste

Los Angeles | university of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) has formally protested after the police used without his knowledge one of his stages for grouping and sorting of the protesters arrested for violating the curfew.

“We are troubled by reports that the stadium Jackie Robinson was used as an “open prison” to sort the demonstrators,” wrote the University in a statement sent to AFP Wednesday.

“This has been done without UCLA has knowledge or has given his permission,” says UCLA, tenant of the stadium that belongs to the department of veterans affairs. “The Los Angeles police department cleared the scene and we informed them that we do not autoriserions not they are again used as a sorting centre,” underlines the university.

UCLA was alerted by several dozens of its teachers have denounced in an open letter to these actions of the police after the demonstrations, sometimes violent Monday evening, in response to the death of the Afro-American George Floyd, asphyxiated in Minneapolis by the knee of a white policeman.

Contacted by AFP, the Los Angeles police department had not responded to Wednesday. The number of protesters arrested who have been brought up to the stage is not known for the moment.

According to the letter of the university, “the protesters, arrested for violation of the curfew in the center of Los Angeles (about a dozen miles of the stadium, ed) were massed in buses” of the police and escorted up to the stage at Jackie Robinson without being informed of their destination.

They were detained in these buses ” for five to six hours without access to toilets, food, water, information or medical care “, say the signatories of the letter.

Ironically, Jackie Robinson, who gave his name to the stadium, is the first black player to join the championship of american baseball, in 1947, putting an end to the racial segregation that prevailed until then in this sport.

The teachers of UCLA, argue in addition that the police do not have to comply with the requirements of sanitary protection against the COVID-19, cocking deliberately protesters in the bus and abstaining, sometimes to wear a mask.

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