Provençal game: in Briançon, Gard triplets very far from the summits

Provençal game: in Briançon, Gard triplets very far from the summits

Patrick Forner, Virgil Rascalon et Bruno Boisset (Boule di Liouns de Clarensac) ont été battus en 32e de finale. Midi Libre

Les quatre équipes du Gard en lice au championnat de France triplette de jeu provençal, du 5 au 7 juillet à Briançon, n’ont guère brillé.

No more Gardoise team competing at the end of the first day of the French Provençal game championship, it is (unfortunately) historic for the discipline that is the biggest supplier of tricolor jerseys in the department .

Hard to tame the terrain

In Briançon, from July 5 to 7, the Gardois were very far from the summits. They often had difficulty taming the terrain and “sending” the balls.

The Gard champions Élie, Hervé and Olivier Bonzi fell in the play-off of their series against Quesnot-Fauquet-Bouillie (Calvados). At 6 all, the Uchaudois of Boule Joyeuse la Fanny conceded 5 points on an opposing frame. Moaning.

The vice-champions of Gard Serge Durand, Albert Julli and Vincent Vailhen (Boule Forum les Angles) lost their two games in pool 15.

Rascalon, Forner and Boisset, the best performers, out in the 32nd final

Out of their group after a perfect play-off against Largeaud (Deux-Sèvres), Virgil Rascalon, Patrick Forner and Bruno Boisset (Boule di Liouns de Clarensac) played their 32nd final against real specialists, Lankar , Armitano and Michel (Bouches-du-Rhône), and clearly lost 11-1.

Finally, the recent champions of Occitanie, Gaëtan Parella, Philippe Avellaneda and Olivier Blanc (Boule joie de Beauvoisin) who had inherited a particular playing area, with grass and remains of concrete foundations, suffered. At 7 all, they fell in a play-off against Landi-Soeur-Pujo Pay (Ardèche), losing 11-7.

The title won by the Varois Rodriguez, Gosselin and Torres

The 2024 champion title was won by Varois Fernand Rodriguez, Claude Gosselin and Martin Torres.

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