Providers want to be consulted

Providers want to be consulted


For several years, outfitters who operate hunting and fishing territories throughout Quebec on Crown land, under certain specific conditions, have been asking the government to be consulted before logging is done in their territories. 

Very often, without them being made aware or warned once the damage is done, they see part of their territory ravaged by logging. They took advantage of the parliamentary committee on the government's sustainable development project 2023-2028 to present a brief in which they called for sustainable development of forest lands. 

“The Fédération des pourvoiries du Québec would like the various outfitters to benefit from the conditions that will enable them to contribute to the protection of Québec's territory and its resources and ensure that future generations can also come and discover the beauty and wealth of their territories, via the services of providers. Sustainable forest management planning by outfitter is the first essential step in achieving this,” said the chairman of the board of directors of the Fédération des pourvoiries du Québec (FPQ), Bruno Caron. 


The message could not be clearer. Before cutting on the territories of the outfitters, it should be discussed with these service operators who offer accommodation on the American and European plan as well as outdoor activities, hunting and fishing. If the natural setting is broken, the interest of visitors will be much less for disabled territories.  

As part of a study carried out on behalf of the FPQ, we learn that this sector alone accounts for nearly 920,000 overnight stays in the natural environment. Visitors make just over 1,117,000 days/activity. The outfitters welcome more than 510,000 visitors each year. Their activities generate $131.2 million in direct revenue and provide approximately 4,200 jobs. 

“These figures prove that outfitters are undeniably an important economic engine for Quebec and its regions”, can we read in statement.


The Chairman of the Board, Bruno Caron, went further in his presentation during a public consultation in a parliamentary committee, by presenting the following table to government representatives. 

“Each visitor to an outfitter circulates in one or more regions of Quebec, where it consumes and creates economic spinoffs. Without a doubt, outfitters actively participate in the economic development of the regions and contribute to maintaining their attractiveness in terms of tourism. We therefore also make it possible to make known and discover our regions, their various attractions and even their quality of life to many Quebecers. »

It is in this spirit of safeguarding outfitters and the quality of the experiences they have to offer their visitors that outfitters are asking to be involved in the forest management file. Each territory has its specificities. 

Outfitters already ensure the protection of the fauna and flora of their territories. These are specialists who have largely contributed to discovering Quebec's nature over time. The 330 member outfitters of the Federation must be involved in everything that happens on their territory. They are top players. 



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Providers want be consulted