Provocative new trend 2019: the opinion of men

Trends in women’s fashion who do not understand men

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Shorts that are shocking for its length – another provocative new from designers. And this is just one of several bold trends that offer this season women. How to perceive such men?

Natalia Timoshina went to the fashion audit together with a star singer Vitaly Kozlovsky.

Ultrashort denim shorts! The French brand has released another novelty. Designers say: the style only for the brave. These shorts can be worn not only on the naked body, but also over trousers!

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According to the singer Vitaly Kozlovsky, such extravagant trends men rather scare. Vitaly classics, not only in clothing, but the most suggested fashion trends the performer shock:

“I think I do not understand anything in fashion, to be honest at the moment!”, – says the artist

Combination dresses-combinations over t-shirt star does not understand. And here is leopard print and stripes artist women like.

Новый провокационный тренд 2019: мнение мужчин

Slip dress combined with a white t-shirt

More about trends spring/summer 2019 read our article. Previously we told you what kind of boots to wear in spring and how to wear jeans of different styles.

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Новый провокационный тренд 2019: мнение мужчин

Новый провокационный тренд 2019: мнение мужчин

Новый провокационный тренд 2019: мнение мужчин


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