Psycho: how to rebuild your concentration

Psycho: how to rebuild your concentration


If you are one of those people who sometimes has trouble concentrating because there are 1001 reasons to be distracted and your mind can go in all directions, here is a book offering tools to to be better concentrated and therefore become more productive.

The more focused you are on what you are doing, the more free time you will have to indulge in your hobbies and the various pleasures that life has to offer. This is a great incentive to stay focused!

In her book, author Danielle Larocque, who is a kinesiologist, uses a method based on neuromotricity that integrates the link between body and mind. “Neuromotor movements aim to establish communication with the nervous system to facilitate its functioning,” explains the author in her book.

Thus, we understand that a host of physical activities can improve concentration. We mention, among other things, dance, tai-chi, skiing as well as several exercises involving balance. 

In fact, many illustrated exercises are offered in this often very easy book. to achieve even seated while working in front of a computer. It can be simple flexions of the arms, fingers, neck or legs which can nevertheless make a great difference in their quality of life.

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Without even realizing it, through bad posture for example, you can create tension in your body that will lead to neck or back pain.

Several tips are also provided through various testimonials.

We should mention in particular that the quality of sleep also plays a major role in the level of concentration. A healthy lifestyle, adequate nutrition and a source of motivation for what you are doing also make the difference.