Public gatherings and interiors : advertisement “broche à foin”, judge Vincent Guzzo

Rassemblements publics intérieurs : une annonce «broche à foin», juge Vincent Guzzo

A few hours after the authorization of the gatherings interior of 50 persons per public health, Vincent Guzzo believes that the cinemas have not been listened to and that the new measures of distance imposed to create a new puzzle.

Since 22 June, the gatherings interior a maximum of 50 persons in a public place will be re-enabled. In general, the rule of distance of two meters, remains, but in indoor public places where people sit and do not move, this distance decreases to 1.5 meter. It is this last bit which will apply in the cinemas.

Despite discussions advanced with the CNESST, the cinemas were not listened to, ” says the owner of Cinemas Guzzo.

“We wanted to allow a distance of one metre, since there was 1.33 m between each row. In our cinemas, a 1.5 meter automatically changes to two metres, has justified Mr. Guzzo at QUB radio. Each bench is 24 inches wide, and if we let two benches of distancing, that makes a distance of 1.33 meter between each person. It’s going to take three schools of estrangement.”

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