Public information increases the toll of overfishing

Public participation has boosted the record of Operation NORTH-SOUTH against overfishing especially in Lake Memphremagog.

The Quebec Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks announced an increase in fines of nearly $ 450,000, when they initially stood at nearly $ 270,000.

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The investigation into the NORTH-SOUTH operation conducted last March in the Estrie region, specifically in Magog, continued and its conclusion is approaching, it adds. This operation involved the sale and purchase of yellow perch as well as the illegal possession of these fish from Lake Memphremagog.

The initial assessment has been revised upwards and proves that public collaboration leads to tangible results, says one. The 16 searches led to the seizure of 62 kilos of fish. The number of charges against 68 individuals increased from 120 to 189.

Officers seized boats, all-terrain vehicles and fishing gear used for poaching.

On the morning of March 14, a hundred officers assisted by the dog squad of the Protection of Wildlife of Quebec and the Sûreté du Québec had been involved. Several searches had been carried out in Sherbrooke, Magog and Stanstead. Several kilograms of yellow perch were seized, a few kilograms of white-tailed deer and boats, all-terrain vehicles and fishing tackle and equipment used for the sale of these fish, such as scales.

Remember that it was after a long investigation that the agents were able to gather enough evidence to intervene with several individuals who engaged in winter fishing and the illegal sale of yellow perch.

Citizens are invited to continue their collaboration by pointing out any poaching or gesture that goes against our wildlife heritage or its habitats at SOS Poaching by phone at 1 800 463-2191, by Internet at mffp.gouv.qc. ca / wildlife / poaching or in person at one of the wildlife protection offices.

The information remains confidential.

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