Published a fresh rating of the most safe countries for tourists

Опубликован свежий рейтинг самых безопасных стран для туристов

Were analyzed 20 popular destinations.Experts of the British Association of consumers Which? published rating of the most safe countries for tourists. Were top of the list Iceland, which was the most safe in all respects, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

Next for her is the United Arab Emirates and Singapore, rounded out the top five, Spain and Australia.

The top ten also includes Canada, Japan, Morocco, Jordan and Barbados.

As for the worst countries, they were Turkey and South Africa, where there is a high level of crime and the threat of viruses.

The rankings experts analyzed data for the twenty most popular tourist destinations. Countries were evaluated on several criteria, including: the level of crime, the threat of natural disasters and terrorist attacks, as well as a health threat.

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