Published footage of the mini-series Chernobyl

Опубликованы кадры мини-сериала Чернобыль

The series premiere will be held in may 2019. It is based on real historical events.

HBO has released the first footage of the mini-series Chernobyl, based on real events of the disaster in 1986 in Ukraine. Starring in the project starred Stellan Skarsgard and Emily Watson.

Skarsgard will appear in the series in the role of Boris Shcherbina, who headed a government Commission on liquidation of consequences of Chernobyl accident. At the same time, Watson would turn in nuclear physicist Ulyana Homyk, which was assigned to establish the cause of the disaster.

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The Director of the series was made by Johan Renk, known for projects the Walking dead and breaking bad. The series premiere is expected in may this year.

Earlier it was reported that in the Network appeared the trailer for the mini-series from George Clooney called catch-22.

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