Published fresh statistics of cyberthreats to Android devices

Опубликована свежая статистика киберугроз Android-устройствам

A study conducted by ESET, suggests that the number of cyber threats aimed at the Android platform, is reduced.So, in the first six months of 2018 was discovered 348 vulnerabilities for Android is 41 % of the total number of “holes” found in the last year. Thus, we can conclude that the security of Android devices is gradually improving, reports the with reference to

It is also noted that only a quarter of the Android-bugs 2018 are critical. This is less than the proportion of vulnerability in this category that were detected by experts in previous years.

The total number of detections of malware for Android was reduced to 27,48 % compared to the same period last year and by 12.87 % compared with the second half of 2017.

However, the attackers continue to attack the owners of Android-gadgets. Currently, monthly appear about 300 new samples of malicious code for Android.

And network attackers are developing qualitatively new criminal schemes using Android. For example, recently there was an attack cryptainer on smart TVs based on Android TV.

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