Published “shameful list” of countries depleting fish stocks

                                Опубликован "позорный список" стран, истощающих рыбные запасы

The list is headed by Sweden, the UK and Ireland.

According to the annual report of the Fund of economic research “New Economy” (NEF), Sweden 52.4% exceeded quota for fishing in the Atlantic, established by the European Union. She led a “shameful list” of countries, depleting the world’s fish stocks.

United Kingdom (24.3 per cent) and Ireland (21.7 per cent) took second and third place in this list.

Express info by country

Sweden (Kingdom of Sweden) is a country in Northern Europe, located on the Scandinavian Peninsula.

                                Опубликован "позорный список" стран, истощающих рыбные запасы


                                Опубликован "позорный список" стран, истощающих рыбные запасы

Coat of arms

                                Опубликован "позорный список" стран, истощающих рыбные запасы

Capital – Stockholm

Biggest cities: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, Uppsala

Form of government – Constitutional monarchy

Territory – 447 435 km2 (58th in the world)

Population – 9,83 million people (90th in the world)

Official language – Swedish

Religion – Lutheran

The HDI – of 0, 898 (7th in the world)

GDP – $571,09 billion (21st in the world)

Currency – Swedish Krona

Borders: Norway, Finland

NEF also argues that in 2019 the state of the European Union is going to catch on 312 thousand tons more than what scientists consider “acceptable profits”. 55 of the 120 quota allocated by the European Union, was above the recommended norm.

The basis for quotas for the catch, which is divided into shares between countries is an annual evaluation of scientists, which determine the amount of fish you can catch, causing the ocean of a population of damage.

“The European Union continues to Deplete fish stocks in the northeast Atlantic. Quotas in 2019 is 16% higher than recommendations of scientists and 9% above quota 2018,” the report says.

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