Published the promo of the ninth episode of “Star wars”

The Disney Studio has pleased the fans of Saga new trailer

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Опубликован проморолик девятого эпизода "Звездных войн"

Star wars episode IX

Studio Disney revealed the new trailer for the ninth episode of “Star wars” at D23 Expo, the shooting of which was completed in February of this year. In the promo pictures “Star wars: rise of Skywalker” (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker) introduces a number of new staff who have not previously hit the net.

Look, what part of “Star wars” became the third highest grossing film in history:

Video “Star wars IX” Director J. J. Abrams was published on the Disney channel Studios in Youtube. The film with the slogan “the Story of a generation coming to an end” the complete history of Sawakura.

In a special teaser footage from old parts “Star wars” with Harrison Ford, mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher. Then there are scenes from the new film. In one of them the main character of the eighth and seventh episodes of the ray appears in the dress of the Sith with a red lightsaber.

The premiere of the film “Star wars: rise of Skywalker” in Ukraine is expected on 19 December 2019.

Yesterday we wrote that Ewan McGregor will play Obi-WAN Kenobi in the solo series.

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