Pugachev destroyed his rival, the singer decided to share the pain

Пугачева уничтожила своего конкурента, певец решился поделиться болью

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Russian singer Mikhail Muromov quite a long time concealed the true reason for retiring from show business. For many years he did not give about itself to know anything. According to sources, a long time the artist was drunk.

Пугачева уничтожила своего конкурента, певец решился поделиться болью

Michael Muromov

Recently, Muromov again appeared in public and began to give numerous interviews in which he admitted, why “gone” from the stage. According to him, on his disappearance was influenced by the prima Donna, which literally destroyed the singer.

The actor said that Pugachev has always eliminated those who made it some competition. This list includes Muromov.

First, by order of Alla, Muromova stopped showing on TV.

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“She paid the money, so I was not shown on TV. She had people who worked in television. And they were paid a salary. They were doing things for her. She didn’t need the stars,” shared the actor.

Пугачева уничтожила своего конкурента, певец решился поделиться болью

Michael Muromov

Also, according to him, the Diva did everything that he literally disappeared from the stage. The singer said that his career came to an end, and this is Joe.

Despite the fact that Muromov have not filling arenas, he argues that even in his venerable years, she has been no less eventful life.

The artist is bragging about his popularity among women, and they come to him. And singer no one denies attention.

Muromov can meet the 20-year-old, and with their peers.

Recall that Alla Pugacheva pose for a pretty dull photo with light makeup and a veil on her face, noting that he believes this accessory is a moral fortress.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, a Russian blogger criticized Maxim Galkin, who opposed the construction of a residential complex.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that Alla Pugacheva was posing with bright red lipstick on her lips and sweater to match.

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