Pugachev escaped the fire, hit diva could cost her her life

Пугачева чудом избежала пожара, хит примадонны мог стоить ей жизни

today, 15:40

Russian singer Alla Pugacheva has told about the fire that happened in the theater when she was together with Svetlana Loboda and designer Igor Gulyaev closed the show the sports drama “Ice 2”.

It turned out that in the time of the show when the main character started to sing the song of Alla Pugacheva, suddenly broke out elektroprovodka and spectators were evacuated from the theater.

Пугачева чудом избежала пожара, хит примадонны мог стоить ей жизни

“The premiere of the film “ICE 2″ as soon As the film’s heroine sang a song from my repertoire, there was a fire in the wiring in the theater. Everyone evacuated the hall. Will have to go again to watch the movie and hear the song. Our song will not strangle, not kill.🔥”, – shared emotions Joe.

Diva said, be sure to watch the film and blamed the fire on songs, which is impossible to stifle or kill.

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As reported Know. ua, Pugachev, Loboda and “double” Kirkorov almost became victims of the terrible fire in the theater.

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