Pugacheva decided that she had enough: “Lights will not”

Пугачева решила, что с нее уже достаточно: "Огоньков не будет"

today, 14:22

The legendary Russian singer Alla Pugacheva will no longer participate in the filming of the Christmas show. 70-year-old star decided to relax a bit, so to speak, pushed the pause.

This became known thanks to its Director Elena Chuprakova.

Пугачева решила, что с нее уже достаточно: "Огоньков не будет"

Alla Pugacheva photo: fakty.com.ua

“Alla Borisovna will not sing at “Christmas lights,” said the organizer.

It is worth noting that in 2019 Alla Pugacheva presented to the audience a lot of interesting projects. It is known that she has toured with the anniversary concert, participated in a television set to different channels. But recently in the cinema started the film “the concert”, filmed in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the “woman who sings”.

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Recall, Galkin showed how Pugacheva mini dancing for him: “It’s a small happiness.”

As reported Znayu Pugacheva is so weakened that it can not go on stage.

Znayu wrote, Nikolaev open up about going from a scene of Pugacheva.

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