Pugacheva finally leaves the stage: Diva made an emergency broadcast video

Пугачева окончательно уходит со сцены: Примадонна сделала срочное заявление, видео

today, 22:04

The famous Russian singer Alla Pugacheva has postponed work on the second plan and began raising their own children – Harry and Lisa. However, the Russian pop Diva gave a Grand concert on their anniversary. She also for the first time gave a concert in Minsk.

New show Alla Pugacheva took place in Minsk on Saturday, November 2. The artist dedicated the concert to my anniversary. During the show, Pugachev made a sensational statement. She said she was leaving the stage.

Пугачева окончательно уходит со сцены: Примадонна сделала срочное заявление, видео

“I would love to see this concert, by the way, very unexpected for me, is not over. Because I am only 80 years old. Let’s say that today is my birthday. And this day tell me, “Alia, longer live.” Gift enough for me confirmation of your love, ” said the Diva.

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Pugacheva has arrived to capital of Belarus on Friday, November 1. The arrival of the Diva in Minsk turned into a surprise. In the morning the fans watched the singer at the station. Finally they waited and rushed to his darling. People interrupted each other, trying to reach the idol, some were crying and writhing in hysterics. The guards barely restrained the crazed fans.

Alla Pugacheva arrived in Minsk. 131 The Train Moscow-Brest, 9:12.

Igor Korchagin Geplaatst door op Vrijdag 1 november 2019

Note that now Alla Pugacheva raising young children – Lisa and Harry. The actress often shares with fans photos and videos with their children and rarely appears in public.

Recall that hot grandmother Pugacheva in a bold mini Orbakaite forced to bite your elbows bright frames.

Previously “Know.ia” told me that Joe, and Orbakaite did self without makeup: “more similar”.

The portal also “Know.news Agency” reported that the store Pugacheva and Galkin struck fans on the spot, the portal to China: “Pensioners discounts will be?”.


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