Pugacheva has done a lousy anniversary gift: “Alla – hatred, jealousy, cruelty”

Пугачевой сделали мерзкий подарок к юбилею: "Алла - ненависть, зависть, жестокость"

The prima Donna of Soviet and Russian pop Alla Pugacheva has won million-strong army of fans. Admire her, praise her, with her example and take too much scrutiny. And on the eve of the 70th anniversary of actress of star colleagues say about her warmest wish her love and longevity. However, as you might expect, not all belong to Alla Borisovne equally positive.

Artists often say that around the Diva appeared “aura of omnipotence.” In the program “go public” Andrey Razin has shared his memories about meeting with Pugacheva. The producer said that Alla Borisovna took notice of him and invited to the country only when the “Tender may” was on the top of popularity.

“Hatred, envy, rigidity, a lot of money, the love of the people, but the destruction of artists — all Alla. Irina Ponarovskaya was telling me in 1985 that she “was off her oxygen.” With her almost agreed on every artist who appeared on stage”, — was indignant Razin.

The producer admitted that the country Alla Pugacheva openly called him a scoundrel and a bastard. “Because bypassed her “Tender may”, so we started arguing. And in March of ‘ 90 she raised the question about bringing me to justice. Opened a case, I went under the article almost to the collapse of the Soviet Union,” explained Razin.

The producer said that Pugachev gained power on stage because of his friendship with influential people. But he Neighbors don’t agree with Razin: according to music critic, Alla Borisovna was not the authority of the President “radio and television of the USSR” and the Director of the station, so the artist couldn’t get rid of the competition.

The critic is not the first time commented on the creativity Pugacheva, saying he can’t call the songs of her new songs. At the jubilee concert artist he’s not.

“Now Buzova repertoire more beautiful than Alla. How can 70 years to give the tone of Gopnik? She had to put the end in the “favorites”, — concluded the Neighbors.

Earlier, we wrote that the patient Pugachev “healed” blow to the head.

Recall that Kirkorov tried to discourage Pugacheva Galkin song: here is a gift for an anniversary.

Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that the network was rocked by a scandal due to sperm Kirkorov, which has suffered Galkin.


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