Punished for quoting White Niggers of America

Sanctionnée pour avoir cité Nègres Blancs d’Amérique

A journalist of canadian-English network CBC has received a reprimand for having uttered the ” N-word ” by quoting the title of the book the author québécois Pierre Vallières, white Niggers of America.

The facilitator of the weekly meeting The Weekly, Wendy Mesley, is the subject of disciplinary action after an internal investigation revealed that she had used “offensive language on two occasions during work meetings,” confirms the director of public relations for the CBC, Chuck Thompson.


The first incident occurred last September, during the preparation for a broadcast about the act, 21 which prohibits employees of the State in Quebec to wear religious signs. In a statement published on the internet, the host star tells have quoted from the book of Vallières, published in 1968.

“According to this book, the French-speaking whites are victims of discrimination. […] I gave the full title during the meeting, ” she wrote.

The second incident occurred more recently, as Mesley and his team were preparing a report on anti-racism to the margins of the murder of George Floyd in the United States. “In this situation, I quoted a reporter that they wanted to invite as a panelist,” explains the reporter.

“I thought that by saying this word, I was exhibiting a certain way, the truth,” she continues. I realized today that by repeating this word, I was wrong. “

“I have hurt my colleagues, my team, and CBC. For this reason, I am deeply sorry and I am ashamed. “

Roy and Lisée oppose

This story elicits strong reactions in the country. CBC has suspended the issuance The Weekly at the beginning of the month.

In Quebec, Patrice Roy has defended Wendy Mesley on Twitter, describing it as a ” good journalist “. “To quote the title of a book should never be a crime for a journalist. Otherwise it is a world worse than one is preparing, ” wrote the head of the antenna of the Newscast 18-h.

Also on Twitter, Jean-François Lisée called the case of” orwellienne “, in reference to the universe totalitarian imagined by the british author George Orwell in 1984. “The N-word is offensive. A journalist who quotes the title of a book with the word or quoting a person who used to do the work. Apologize to the offended people, this is good. Be suspended, faulted, returned or rééduquée, it’s crazy, ” notes the former leader of the Parti québécois.

CBC refuses to comment further on this matter.

A test marking


  • Title : white Niggers of America
  • Author : Pierre Vallières
  • Year of release : 1968

Description : from the nationalism claimant of the 60’s, the biographical essay and has sold over 100,000 copies. Journalist, activist, author Pierre Vallières y draws a parallel between ” the struggles of the working class in quebec and that of Afro-Americans in the United States “.

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