Purchase of sprayers: buses and subways will not be cleaned with a cloth

Achat de pulvérisateurs: les bus et les métros ne seront plus nettoyés au chiffon

MONTREAL – The buses and the subway will not be cleaned with a cloth: the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) has purchased sprayers electrostatic to accelerate and improve the quality of the cleaning.

With the purchase of 95 sprayers, the employees will no longer have to stoop or stretch constantly to clean the grab bars in the subway cars.

An initial order of 69 hand-held sprayers will be received at the end of the month of July, while 26 other devices that are worn on the back to arrive at from mid-August.

By the reception of the sprayers, the disinfection of the straps and grab bars in the bus and gripper bars and tripods in the subway cars will be carried out by hand by employees with cloths.

It is the manufacturer ontario Dustbane who has been awarded the contract to a value of 176$ 400 for the 95 sprayers. They will also enable a uniform cleaning of the surfaces most affected in the bus network and the subway, says the MCS.

Already been used elsewhere

Several transport companies in the country are already using this tool to clean up their vehicle fleets. This is particularly the case of the operator exo, which manages the buses on the northern and southern suburbs of Montreal.

The STM has decided to acquire such specialized equipment tests within different areas of the business to validate the performance and effectiveness of the sprays.

“The priority of the STM at the beginning of the pandemic has been properly disinfect surfaces most affected by the customers and [the] employees by using the most effective products and greatly increasing the frequency of cleaning,” explained a spokesperson for the STM, Philippe Déry.

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