“Put out the cigarette on her cheek”: johnny Depp showed the consequences of a fight with ex-wife

The actor has provided the court evidence of attack amber heard

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"Затушила сигарету на щеке": Джонни Депп показал последствия драки с экс-женой

Johnny Depp and amber heard

The controversial showdown between johnny Depp and amber heard watching all of Hollywood. The court even ordered amber to pay the actor $ 50 million of moral damages. As evidence of the ex-husband of the actress testified in court after attacking his wife, which was made four years ago.

The most high-profile divorces of celebrities are watching in this video:

In the photo you can see the injured johnny Depp, who lies in a hospital nosilca. Had a bandaged finger, and on the face burn. According to Entertainment Tonight, the celebrity said that the ex-wife in 2015-m to year during the fight, “put out the cigarette” on his cheek and threw a bottle which broke off the finger.

Also, the actor openly admitted that amber started the fight because of disagreements about the prenup. The lawyer of ex-spouses, in turn, said that the accusations are absurd, and the “photography is not true”.

“This statement is absurd, offensive and absolutely untrue. This photograph proves nothing – except for the fact that johnny Depp is desperately trying to ignore any strange statement to divert attention from his ongoing physical and psychological abuse of amber heard”, – said the lawyer.

Recall that recently, johnny Depp said that amber heard painted bruises on myself, trying to pass it off beatings by the actor.

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