Putin proposed a “new referendum” on the Donbass: the details become known

Путин предложил провести "новый референдум" по Донбассу: стали известны подробности

Russian President Vladimir Putin in a closed part of the meeting with the ambassadors at the foreign Ministry on July 19 announced that it has proposed to the President of the United States Donald Trump to hold a referendum in the breakaway DNI and LC. About it reports Bloomberg referring to two participants of the meeting.

According to the Agency, Putin gave Trump to think about this plan, before you announce it publicly.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov to comment on the issue refused, saying only that the Donbass “were discussed some new ideas”, which “will be developed”.

While Putin submits proposal for Ukraine as a sign that he wants to lead a four-year crisis to an end, [Trump] will be hard to sell a referendum to Ukraine and its supporters in Europe (eng.lang.).

Recall that on 18 July the Verkhovna Rada Deputy Ihor Mosiychuk wrote on his Facebook that the Ukrainian foreign Ministry sought clarification from the United States to discuss the situation in the country at the meeting of Putin and trump, after the media quoted Putin’s statement about the “new proposals” about the situation in the South-East of Ukraine.

As previously reported “FACTS”, become aware of the time and place of the next meeting, trump and Putin.

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