Putin ridiculed because of a bad joke

Путина подняли на смех из-за неудачной шутки

Putin not impressed by Network users.

The Network has made fun of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who disgraced new joke, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to hyser.com.ua.

This was announced by promoter Dmitry Smirnov.

So, Putin at a meeting with winners of competition “Leaders of Russia” German Gref praised for the good organization of work of Sberbank and joked about the extra weight of the bankers.

One of the participants of the meeting complained to the President that during the competition, lost four pounds.

“The competition is very difficult for me were. A couple of days lost four pounds, although he is skinny enough,” said Dmitry Trofimov, who works as a head of Department of development of corporate-investment business of Sberbank.

“Working in the Bank can gain extra 4 pounds, Gref is well organized in your work. How to call the bankers?”: Putin joked about “fat cats,” reads the signature from Smirnov.

Users immediately ridiculed the statement of Putin.

“Swollen eyes, you need to sit on a diet”, “fat”, “great Joker”, “grandfather is better not to joke. Sorry looks”, “extra 4 pounds of money. Only the lender of money does not happen”, “neat – because it is terrible. It’s the bankers, they can’t be hurt,” they write.

Note that bankers popularly called “fat cats”. While Putin himself has previously urged not to use this phrase in relation to the banking employees.


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