Putin was embarrassing because of the carelessness of the official

Путин оконфузился из-за невнимательности чиновника

The head of Tatarstan has not reacted to Putin’s words.

With Russian President Vladimir Putin once again happened offensive curiosity in public, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to obozrevatel.com.

During a meeting with social activists in Kazan noticed that the head of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov listened to his speech. Moreover, he even did not respond to his appeal.

“Rustam knows for sure, right? Rustam Nurgalievich! Rustam Nurgalievich! Do not be distracted, you’re human! Don’t listen to us,” rasdisable the head of the Russian Federation.

And then he added that because Minnikhanov did not listen to what the head of state said, it is not worth it to put in an “awkward situation”.

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