Pyongyang has prepared millions of leaflets of propaganda for the South

Pyongyang a préparé des millions de tracts de propagande pour le Sud

North Korea has prepared millions of leaflets of propaganda that it intends to send to the South in the middle of a flight of thousands of balloons, feeding on Monday, the tensions after the destruction of the liaison office of inter-Korean.

The north Korean regime has multiplied these past few weeks, the verbal attacks against Seoul, criticizing in particular the fact that defectors from north korea based in the South send in the direction of the North of the propaganda anti-Pyongyang.

After breaking the official channels of communication, the North Korea was destroyed last week by the liaison office which had been opened in September 2018, just north of the demilitarized Zone (DMZ), and was the symbol of the relaxation appeared this year on the peninsula.

It has also threatened to step up its military presence near the DMZ, and some experts suspect of seeking to create a crisis for all parts to extract concessions, at a time when the international negotiations on denuclearization have stalled.

Officially, the object of the anger of north korea is propaganda against the leader Kim Jong A sent from the south by dissidents in the middle of the balloons in the air.


The agency official north Korean KCNA said Monday that North Korea was preparing to replicate massively: “The preparations for the largest flyer distribution ever carried out against the enemy are almost completed.”

“The business of printing and publishing at all levels in the capital have produced 12 million leaflets of all kinds that reflect the anger and the hatred of the people,” according to KCNA.

Most of the “3000 balloons of various types able to disperse leaflets away in the depth of the territory of South Korea, have been prepared”, said KCNA, which also mentions other means of distribution not specified.

“The time of punishment approaches,” warns the agency’s north Korean.

One of the leaflets published by the official newspaper Rodong Sinmun showed a picture of south Korean president Moon Jae-in in the process of drinking from a cup, accusing him of having “eaten it all, including the agreement on inter-Korean”.

North and South had previously been the custom to send this kind of flyers. But the two parties had agreed to cease and desist the operations of propaganda -including the broadcast of a message through loudspeakers at the border – at the first summit between MESSRS. Moon and Kim in 2018.

A few days ago, KCNA had presented these leaflets as a tool of “psychological warfare”, as “a pre-emptive attack prior to the war.”


The leaflets have sometimes been the source of rising tensions, such as in October 2014, when the North had opened fire on balloons that were carrying, which had led to an exchange of gunfire between the two sides of the DMZ.

The impact of these leaflets in the South, however, is very limited since most of South Koreans do not even take the trouble to read them.

These leaflets extolling often the achievements of military of the North, or criticize the leadership of the united states and south korea, sometimes in a way that would be offensive.

In 2016, we could see on one of these tracts, the face retouched to the ex-president Park Geun-hye to the show with a black eye and the hair battle. “President stupid and the devil”, said the caption.

The relations intercoréennes have continued to deteriorate during the past year, in the wake of the fiasco of the second summit between Mr. Kim and the president of the United States Donald Trump, in February 2019 in Hanoi.

The dialogue between Pyongyang and Washington has foundered on the inability of the two parties to agree on concessions that North Korea should do in exchange for the lifting of sanctions imposed to compel it to abandon its nuclear and missile programs.

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