“QAnon”, an army of complotistes who want to be re-elected Trump

«QAnon», une armée de complotistes qui veulent faire réélire Trump

The United States are controlled by the occult powers that only Donald Trump will be able to counter… if he is re-elected: this is a conspiracy theory, propagated on the social networks in the wake of “QAnon”, gathers many followers, forcing a way into the corridors of the White House.

Twitter announced on Tuesday have removed more than 7,000 accounts related to “QAnon” and will limit the circulation of content related to his conspiracy theories, considered now by the platform as a “coordinated effort to harm”.

Born in 2017, the movement and conspiracy had spread on the social networks thanks to an army of “soldiers” digital, according to the center Sufan, a centre of studies on the sécurté, led by an ex-FBI agent Ali Sufan.

He has also travelled abroad, in Europe and on to Australia.

QAnon refers to a nebula pro-Trump, who spreads conspiracy theories online. According to its followers, the United States is headed for decades by “the deep State”, a secret organization, bringing together senior officials of the departments, the Clinton, the Obama, the Rothschild, the powerful investor George Soros, celebrities, Hollywood-and other members of the world elite.

They are involved in networks of pedophiles international and want to create a new world order in which the Member would have abandoned their sovereignty for the benefit of the elite.

The first cryptic messages appeared in October 2017, written by a mysterious “Q”, the name of a top-level accreditation at the u.s. department of Energy.

According to its proponents, Q is a mole operating in the inner circle of the president, who has decided to reveal bits of information about this plot for world discussion forums such as 4Chan. The information is then propagated on the major social networks.

Hatred and anti-semitism

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a us organisation of the fight against extremism, quoted the end of June of the videos of the wake “which draws in the hatred and the rhetorical anti-semitic”.

This phenomenon poses dangers quite real, leading the FBI to consider QAnon as a risk of “terrorist threat inner” in 2019.

An armed man, arrested at the beginning of July near the residence of the Prime minister of canada Justin Trudeau in Ottawa, was an “avid consumer of conspiracies” propagated by QAnon, says the center Sufan.

Security experts expressed concern that his supporters are in addition to the activists of extremist and white-supremacist as “Boogaloo”, activists, anti-government, which call for the civil war.

The ideology QAnon also propagated in american politics.


Followers of the movement are displayed in several meetings of Donald Trump, including displaying posters with the letter Q or the slogan of the movement: “Where we go one, we go all” (Where one of us goes, we all go), sometimes reduced to initials WWG1WGA.

They believe that the billionaire republican will come to the end of the conspiracy of the international elites and give the power to the people.

According to the organization Media Matters, 14 candidates – mostly conservative – in the parliamentary elections of November claim.

On 4 July, the ex-national security adviser to Mr. Trump, Michael Flynn, has posted on Twitter a video in which he repeats the slogan QAnon after allegiance to the u.s. constitution, accompanied by the hashtags “pledge”. The video had been “liked” more than 100 000 times on Thursday.

The younger son of Mr. Trump, Eric, has also taken up part of this slogan in June, in a message on Instagram which he later deleted.

The president himself, who calls regularly on the major media of “Fake news” (false information), has retweeted these past few months at the least 90 times of the messages from supporters declared of Q, according to Media Matters.

The ADL is concerned that the support of QAnon Mr. Trump “perpetuated the belief that its political opponents are enemies illegitimate of humanity”.

The centre of the soufan was particularly concerned that a defeat for Mr. Trump in November “encourages fans of QAnon acts of violence”.

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