QLP: Alexandre Cusson precisely why he has left the leadership race

PLQ: Alexandre Cusson précise pourquoi il a abandonné la course à la direction

A little over a month after having withdrawn from the race for the leadership of the liberal Party of Quebec, Alexandre Cusson is back on the reasons for its abandonment at the microphone of Caroline St-Hilaire, at QUB radio on Thursday.

He was told that it was mainly because of the difficult context created by the COVID-19 and risks of contagion during the race that he had decided to throw in the towel in mid-may.

“Leave now, for me, it was perilous. On the other hand, wait until 2021, I said to myself that there were still limits,” he argued.

The former mayor of Drummondville, who said today “live very well” with its decision, has also insisted on the fact that the LIBERALS needed a new leader sooner rather than later.

  • LISTEN to the full interview of Alexandre Cusson at QUB radio:

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