QSL harvest a good score for its handling of the crisis

La CAQ récolte un bon score pour sa gestion de la crise

Quebecers are generally satisfied with the crisis management of the government caquiste, to which they assign a score of 7.5 out of 10, reveals a survey Lightweight realized for the Journal.

“It is a global phenomenon. In a moment of crisis, the population ranks behind his government. She wants to see him succeed,” said pollster Jean-Marc Léger.

According to the analyst, the QSL harvest the fruits of its political position, between the two traditional parties in Quebec. “You can support the QAF without betraying your party. A liberal will never say that the PQ is going well and PQ is never going to say that it is good that the liberal Party”, he said.

Jean-Marc Léger sees the reflection of the personal popularity of François Legault in a good result.

A majority of Quebecers (56%) believes the government déconfine “just fast enough”, even if their satisfaction varies according to areas.

But if most of them believe that the reopening of the shops went well (59%), it is quite the contrary for the management of residences for seniors (25%).

The worst is behind us

In general, the population is confident for the future, demonstrates the stroke of the probe of the firm Lightweight. Even if a majority of Quebecers (72%) always expect to see emerge a second wave of the sars coronavirus, the majority (56%) believe that the worst is behind them.

“It is a good news and bad news,” said pollster Jean-Marc Léger. Good because people are starting to de-stress, but bad too because people are starting to de-stress. Will it maintain the same effort?”

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