Quadball: Thanks to the Boucaniers de Montpellier, the mixed and inclusive discipline is developing

Quadball: Thanks to the Boucaniers de Montpellier, the mixed and inclusive discipline is developing

Le quadball, sport où la tactique a toute sa place. BM – BM

A mixture of several team sports, quadball attempts to get rid of the image closely linked to the Harry Potter saga.

Last weekend on several fields of the Domaine de Grammont in Montpellier the French Quadball Cup took place. Spectators who were unfamiliar with the discipline must have wondered what this team sport was where certain players ran with a ball under their arm and a stick between their legs.

Quadball is a clever mix between handball to try to gain ground in order to score in the opponent's rings, rugby with tackles authorized on the ball carrier and dodgeball (dodgeball) with specific balls to get opponents out of the ball. Thu.

A mixed and inclusive sport

Formerly called quidditch, this discipline was born thanks to the Harry Potter saga: "We try to emancipate ourselves from this image, that's why its name has changed, explains Victor Trupiano, coach and player of the Boucaniers de Montpellier but also member of the French team. Quadball is a sport with depth of play, tactics and cardio. We are seen as Harry Potter fans, we suffer from that in fact."

Quadball is a mixed and inclusive sport: "A rule states that there cannot be more than three of the same gender in a team of six players, continues Victor Trupiano. We are also very open to the LGBTQ + community."

In Montpellier, quadball has existed since 2016, and although it has suffered from the impacts of the health crisis, it continues to develop: "Until 2019, we were one of the best teams in the South of France, remembers the president of the association Nicolas Di Pasquale and a player on the French team, too. This year, we organized the Coupe de France for the first time."

Around ten teams and around 150 people gathered in the Hérault capital for the big quadball celebration which saw the Montpellier Boucaniers finish in sixth place.

What is quadball ?

Quadball is a mixed ball sport created by in 2005, directly derived from fictional sport, quidditch. It pits two teams of six players on broomsticks against each other, and is played against each other. on land where three rings arranged at each side different heights, serving as goals, are installed at each point. each side. The goal is to get more points than the other team by scoring goals and catching a ball carried by a neutral player without a broom in order to end the match.

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