Quality Motel invites you to déconfinement

Qualité Motel invite au déconfinement

The wag behind the Temple will play hard on this new EP that is refreshing and, better yet, the fun is contagious.

Quality Motel


It is quantity that matters

A little serious?

Logical, to believe the title of the LP It is not the quality that counts (2018), It is the amount that account still seems more “serious” — or, at least, a more “wise” — that the album the announcing.

Two years after praising highly the Three Agreements to the Didgeridoo comes in the company of Simon Proulx or the duo hyper sensual the skin of The people you love offered with Fanny Bloom and… Marie-Élaine Thibert and then, of course, their famous celebration of Basil, Quality Motel resurfaced with a maxi where you put the gas pedal on the factor WTF.

This is a detail, but good : the group also encompasses staff always as talented, but less known to the general public (in addition to Claudia Bouvette heard on Unavailable that was available online).


For the rest, Quality Motel is the same with this maxi very summery in these topics (the sparkling Dew — excuse-the — evidenced) that those beats. It is light in the words and the sounds, of course, but all the work behind It is the amount that account there is sweating also.

Fans of the project will worship it of course. The neophytes should also listen, as the EP is hard-hitting, enjoyable and incredibly accessible.

Ideal for 5 to 7, but a real danger to keep his distance.

Hugues Aufray



Conspiracy theories are particularly fashionable these days, here’s a new one : Hugues Aufray is a vampire. Although nonantenaire, the revered singer-songwriter folk resists almost supernaturally to the ravages of time with an album as relevant as nostalgic. In great shape, the artist will literally a self-portrait musical offering occasions of his repertoire and american classics, the inspirational. Not revolutionary, but convincing and amazing.

Jessy Lanza


All The Time

The artist electro R&B canadian offers a third LP solid although without surprise. Mélomanie requires, we cannot help to forge links between the partsAll The Time , and those of its congeners such as Milk & Bone and Grimes, and even her offerings previous, including the uppercut Pull My Hair Back (which is ranked among the best albums of canadian of the year to its date of issue according to the jury of the Polaris prize). Unfortunately, this new album comes out often loses. All The Time is very good, but seems to have been produced on auto-pilot. Damage.



No Pressure

Rapper as popular as polarizing (is it opportunistic ? Is it nerdy ? etc), Logic would announce his retirement from the industry, six years after the publication ofUnder Pressure, his first LP. Loop buckled, so. For this swan song, the artist surprises by opting for moods are often more jazzy. For the rest, however, the overhead of rhymes, poor, and unused references (the nod to Metal Gear Solid on the title piece, for example), ankylosis of the whole. Not disgusting, but not famous either.

Coup de coeur

Lianne La Havas


Lianne La Havas

And three for the artist neo soul british. Five years after the well-received Blood, The Havas was inspired by a break-painful, and his disappointment at his LP back (where the production team would have stifled his intake) to deliver the best album of his career to date. Work carried out with an entourage reduced, Lianne La Havas proves to be daring as well as hovering in a dream. Fans of the YouTube channel lofi hip hop radio will love.

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