Quavo fight in Paris : worship, the rapper from Migos is unfairly Laurent Twins

Quavo causes a brawl in Paris : the rapper of the group Migos has even hit Laurent Twins

On Twitter, several videos of Quavo ultra venerate and violent have been posted. The tabloid TMZ has even placed end to end the images on the YouTube channel. We discovered the rapper in Migos aggressive this Thursday 16 January 2020 in Paris, as he tries to enter a box in paris. He even hit Laurent of the Twins while he was trying to help him break into the club.

Quavo violent in a box in Paris

You know, in this moment, it is Paris’s Fashion Week. On Thursday 16 January 2020, Cardi B has landed more sexy than ever, and hidden in a combi transparent in the parade Laundered Works Corp. This is her boyfriend, Offset, that has designed this collection for the brand. The same evening, the couple went to the after party at Palais Maillot, the club, located at the Palais des Congrès in Paris.

Quavo, also a member of the group Migos with Offset and Takeoff, was also of the party. Except that it has not been recognized by the security. This has strongly irritated the interpreter of the Savior in feat. with Izzy Azalea. Very angry that the staff of the nightclub does not know who he was, the rapper has started to grow people. A violence that is unveiled in several videos on Twitter and TMZ.

The rapper has even struck a brother of the Twins

On the images captured by the different persons present, one can see Quavo hit a member of security, and even take on Laurent of the Twins. Then he finished by getting into the box in paris, it is precisely thanks to the dancer for Beyoncé, who has warned the security of his fame. Instead of thanking him, the american artist began to jump on the frenchy known for its not and its chores hallucinating. The member of Migos has even pushed Laurent Bourgeois several times, without that the brother of Larry do the crops apparently.

following this altercation, Laurent has since responded in his story Instagram, explaining : “please, understand, if you are an artist or not, we are all human, your blood is not better than theirs, or mine”.

Quavo se bagarre à Paris : vénère, le rappeur de Migos s'en prend injustement à Laurent des Twins

Quavo gets to Paris : Laurent Twins reacts

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