QUB: podcasts, to Ludovick and Josélito

QUB: des balados pour Ludovick et Josélito

MONTREAL – Josélito Michaud and Ludovick Bourgeois are now part of the voice of QUB radio. The animator and the singer offer as early as this week podcasts glued to their personality.

In And after…?, Josélito Michaud reflects aloud, with public figures of all walks of life (artists, politicians, people who make the news, etc) to the post-pandemic.

Ten women and ten men, including Kim Thuy (considering the rest with his wisdom usual), Daniel Bélanger (who is back on his past as a care attendant and on his album premonition, 2007, the failure of The hardware), Pauline Marois, Ricardo Larrivée, Nicole Bordeleau, Denis Coderre, Danielle Trottier, Gregory Charles, Michelle Allen, and Dr. Jean-François Chicoine, discuss with Josélito of their various views.

What will be the consequences of such an event? Are we going to review our life goals? Are there lessons to be learned from the pandemic, learning to assimilate, and of the things to reconsider in order to avoid a new catastrophe? What will happen to the passage of the virus? With her usual talent as a interviewer, Josélito Michaud translated aloud the questions that arise all in the face of the future. The first episode , And after…? is available now https://www.qub.radio/balado/et-apres.

Then, in Bring me your C. V., including the first capsule will be online this Thursday, July 9, (https://www.qub.radio/balado/apporte-moi-ton-c-v), artists opt to Ludovick Bourgeois and the humorist Christophe Dupéré – two childhood friends – on their professional experiences in the past. First jobs, spicy anecdotes, jobs, amazing, course school are eclectic: we will receive all kinds of memories! We will learn among other things that Marc Dupré has been a guide on a ranch for 12 years, waiter in a chinese restaurant, and convenience store clerk by night. Phil Roy, Étienne Boulay and Jay Of the Temple are also among the guests coming to Bring me your C. V.

Podcasts of Josélito Michaud and Ludovick Bourgeois are available at the qub.radio and on all platforms of dissemination of the podcasts.

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