Quebec carriers avoid western Canada

Quebec carriers are avoiding Western Canada </> p> MISE & Agrave; DAY</p><p> <strong> Port of Vancouver crowded with containers, flooded roads, perilous diversions … Quebec truckers are avoiding Western Canada at all costs caught in an unprecedented logistical vice. </strong></p><p> < p>“The roads are closed. There is a bunch of deviations. We have about twenty drivers who go there regularly, but there are only about ten left, “shares Gilbert Thibault, co-owner of Transport Gilmyr, in Montmagny.</p><p>” It's expensive. The trip to Vancouver can cost $ 15,000 instead of $ 10,000. Not to mention the very price of containers which has doubled, ”continues the businessman.</p><p> Yesterday afternoon, some 264 loads were waiting in British Columbia looking for drivers to deliver the merchandise in Chicoutimi, Montreal or Saint-Jérôme, according to the logistics site Loadlink.</p><p>In recent days, heads of logistics companies, such as Martin Ball of Wiptec, have expressed concern about shipments to the West. & Nbsp;</p><p> “This is sure to be disruptive deliveries there. We have had announcements from transport companies that will no longer accept ground deliveries to British Columbia, ”he said.</p><p> <strong> American papers </strong></p ><p> For Francis Rouleau, general manager of the Association des routiers professionnel du Québec (ARPQ), the detours imposed are expensive.</p><p>“Guys who don't have their US license can't go through the US to get to Vancouver. It's quite expensive, ”he points out.</p><p> At the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CCA), we also note that there are no passable roads to go to Vancouver, to less going through the United States.</p><script async=

“The main road is open in bits and pieces, but it's really for essential goods (food, gas). You can't get there with a toy trip ”, illustrates its president Jean-Claude Fortin.

Evil for good

In Joliette, the Danfreight Systems president Daniel Bérard says, on the contrary, for him, the containers stranded in the port of Vancouver and the paralysis of certain trains bring him more work. With fewer trains available to go to the US West Coast, his business has seen demand skyrocket in recent days.

“Our customers are forced to find an alternative to rail, so that puts pressure on the transport rate, ”he explains.

At Canadian National (CN), it is pointed out that due to the weather, the Kamloops-Vancouver corridor will remain closed to work.

–With the collaboration of Julien McEvoy

The Port of Vancouver is the most important in Canada. More than $ 200 billion in goods go there each year, from 170 countries.

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