Québec city will be hunting for asymptomatic this summer

Québec fera la chasse aux asymptomatiques cet été

The public Health track of the asymptomatic individuals this summer, whether in NURSING homes, farm land, or factories, in order to avoid a further spread of the COVID-19.

For example, workers in the accommodation centres, and long-term care NURSING homes, particularly in the metropolitan area, will provide a test per week to detect people that would be infected with the virus, but without symptoms.

This is what was said by the national director of public health, Dr. Horacio Arruda, Friday, during a press conference in Longueuil.

New strategy

“We have already begun a new strategy of screening for asymptomatic […] in places where there could be the reintroduction quick or vulnerable people “, he said.

Dr. Arruda has said that most of the workers in NURSING homes, the agricultural workers from other countries would be tested upon their arrival here and after their isolation.

The settings that have experienced outbreaks in the last few months, as food-processing plants, will also be monitored.

Then, screening tests will be offered at some test centers, in order to assess the movement of the virus.

The screening should continue to be carried out with swabs inserted into the throat and the nose, because the tests with the saliva are not reliable enough to be used, said the director of public health.

The government had promised to make up to 20 000 screening tests per day of the COVID-19. But after it had reached 14 000 tests per day at the end of may, the numbers have fallen, has recognized Dr. Arruda.

This screening is necessary, since one of the lessons learned from the first wave of the pandemic is that the virus is spread maliciously by people infected, but without symptoms.

“It is the feature that I hate most of the virus “, launched Horacio Arruda.

“Overly vigilant “

This is why he urged Quebecers to be ” overly vigilant “, because even if the first wave of COVID-19 fades in Quebec, the virus is still circulating.

He again lamented to see a relaxation of hygiene measures.

“That 85% to 90% of the people that we see on the street wear the covers-face, it would make me so happy “, he said, adding that public health ” will try to make it cool for young people to wear a mask, preferring to still convince them rather than force them.

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