Quebec confined: the old consoles of Nintendo games have the rating

Québécois confinés: les vieilles consoles de jeux Nintendo ont la cote

The old consoles of Nintendo games that titillate our fiber nostalgic have been popular with Quebecers confined during the pandemic, support the owners of stores video games.

“We got to eat !” exclaims the owner of the shop Gryphon gold, specializing in the sale of video games to Rimouski, Daniel Charlebois.

“The old Nintendo is like a good soup. It is comforting “, compares him to the owner of Sputnik in Drummondville, Francis Bacon.

The Journal spoke with six merchants specialized in the sale of video games. While retro games have already had the rating during the past few years because they vibrate fiber nostalgic in us, their popularity has experienced a considerable boom during the pandemic.

“The parents have had time to do the cleaning of their wardrobe during the containment, and they have emerged from their old consoles to show their kids the games they played when they were younger,” says the owner of the company rimouskoise.

One of the owners of The hideout video games in Quebec city, Éric Bourgault says that the games of the 1980s ” were good and they still are today. “

“The games of those years were more suitable for children and there were less peaks, on the orders “, adds the owner of Flip video games in Quebec, Hugo Ducharme.

Price increase

The prices of the consoles of Nintendo store have known a strong increase during the pandemic, from $ 60 to $ 80, according to the owners consulted by The Newspaper.

The prices of the games have also experienced an increase, some of which have sold more than twice as expensive as those of the franchise, Mario Bros and Zelda who have climbed from $ 15 to $30.

Black market

The traders complained that the black market for video games continues to do harm to their industry, so that several dealers at the garage sales or scour the social networks in search of bargains.

“There are individuals who do it full time and make as much money as our shop,” laments the owner of the Sputnik in Sherbrooke, François Bouchard.

“Some come to buy $ 1,000 of stock and they will sell on the black market, but there’s nothing we can do,” he adds.

His counterpart in Drummondville abounds in the same direction.

“They are a substantial income and fail to report. It should be better framed, ” says Mr. Bacon.

Nintendo has stopped producing these consoles at the onset of the Super Nintendo. A little more than 60 million of the first generation of Nintendo were sold in the world.

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