Quebec conspirators continue their propaganda

The Quebec conspirators continue their propaganda


The assault on the Capitol a year ago must serve as a warning in Quebec, where conspiratorial groups continue to share their propaganda with the same virulence on social networks as in the street.

“& nbsp; As long as there are people who oppose sanitation measures, there will be people who will take advantage of it and use it as a platform to share conspiracy theories and lead people towards certain hate groups & nbsp; ”says Étienne Quintal, online hate researcher at the Neuberger Holocaust Education Center.

Convergence of groups

In the assault on January 6, 2021, followers of QAnon, white nationalists and militiamen rubbed shoulders with ordinary citizens, groups that seemingly have nothing in common.

A convergence also observed in the Quebec, where several movements are regrouping in a common position against the government.

“People who are for alternative medicine or anti-vaccine are now rallying with citizens against government intervention or even sometimes from the extreme right or from QAnon”, maintains Marie-Ève ​​Carignan, professor in the communication department of the Université de Sherbrooke.

Former members of far-right groups such as La Meute are particularly active within Quebec conspiracy movements.

Go from screen to screen rue is realistic for these groups. “& Nbsp; We saw this summer the number of people who went out for the demonstrations organized everywhere against the sanitary measures & nbsp;”, specifies M. & nbsp; Quintal. & Nbsp;

Everything is possible during the provincial election campaign to be held this fall, according to the two researchers. & Nbsp;

A widespread vision

According to a survey conducted in June by the UNESCO Chair in the prevention of radicalization and violent extremism, approximately 24% of the population of Quebec and Canada believes in conspiracy theories, on a more or less large scale. Of this number, a hard core of about 8% strongly adheres to these theses. & Nbsp;

These statistics are similar to those collected before the insurgency of January 6, 2021.

< p> By analyzing these results, Marie-Ève ​​Carignan, who is also director of the media center of the Chair, was able to establish a link between very strong support for conspiracy and sympathy for violence. & nbsp;

“& nbsp; It really echoes what we saw on Capitol Hill, that is to say that we think it is legitimate to resort to violent gestures to make our ideals heard and our point of view, “she explains.

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