Quebec couple stranded on cruise ship after outbreak

A couple of Quebeckers stuck on a cruise ship after s a & eacute; closion

MISE & Agrave; DAY

A couple from Trois-Rivières, Mauricie, is stranded on a cruise ship in the Caribbean after an outbreak of COVID-19 on board. & nbsp;

Lucie Duval and André Lassonde believed until the last minute that their cruise would be canceled due to the surge in cases observed around the world. & nbsp;

“We expected that they were to cancel with everything we saw in the media and everything,” said Ms. Duval in an interview with LCN.

To their surprise, the trip to Panama, which would include a stopover in Jamaica, is maintained. & Nbsp;

Forced to lose the amounts they have already paid for their package if they cancel the trip, the two Trifluviens therefore choose to board the MSC Divina on Sunday afternoon. & nbsp;

On Monday, passengers are informed that they will have to undergo a screening test for COVID-19 Tuesday morning. & Nbsp;

André Lassonde's test was positive while Lucie Duval's was negative. & Nbsp;

Faced with the man's result, the couple had to go into isolation in their cabin. But since Ms. Duval had not contracted COVID-19, she requested to be transferred to another cabin. & Nbsp;

“At first glance, they wanted to send us back to the same cabin. I refused. Under the threat, they wanted to return me there with two security guards and I told them: I am going to film you because there is no way I am going to immerse myself in the virus ”, explains the woman. & Nbsp;

Kept in the dark

Ms. Duval deplores the fact that the crew of the MSC Divina keeps the passengers in the dark. & nbsp;

“Today we were due to dock in Jamaica and until this morning they kept us going. We knew around 9am this morning that we would not be going to Jamaica in the end, “says the passenger. & Nbsp;

She no longer knows in which direction the cruise ship is heading. & Nbsp;

“Usually, on television, you can follow the movement of the boat. They cut us off. Maybe they've turned around, we don't even know, they don't tell us anything, ”she denounces. & Nbsp;

Lucie Duval has decided to speak publicly about her mishap to warn other travelers who are due to go on a cruise soon. & nbsp;

“The reason I agree to speak to you is to warn people not to leave because they are not really not serious ”, she said. & nbsp;

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