Quebec déconfine: “You are playing with fire!”

Le Québec se déconfine: «On joue avec le feu!»

In Quebec, as in Montreal, there is a relaxation in the level of compliance with the rules and the application of the recommendations to protect themselves from the COVID-19.

First stop at Roulodrome of L’ancienne-Lorette. It is beautiful and the enthusiasts of skateboarding are waiting for you.

Despite a poster installed at the entrance indicating that a maximum of 10 persons are permitted in the park, The Log in count 15 with a parent sitting on a bench who is present at the stunts of the most daring.

With the up-and-coming skaters, it’s difficult to adhere to the two meters aloofness.

“It is sure that it is near, but everyone stands in his corner a little. Younger people are less aware of it. We paid attention anyway. We provide each of our bottles of water”, leave it to Olivier Martel and Manuel Maga which appear to be the oldest of the group.

These deniers claim that a security guard passes several times a day to do the count in order to comply with the regulations.

At the Costco in Sainte-Foy, the rule of 2 metres was not always respected.

On the heels

The second stop in the Walmart store of the avenue Jules-Verne. The queue to enter the store is quick.

This does not preclude a client looking forward to go shopping go a little too much in the bubble of the representative of the Newspaper that gives him a look seconds The message is received. It comes off a little bit.

Disinfection of the hands and the onslaught of the food market. Even if there was a good crowd inside, the clients respect the direction of the arrows in the aisles. The crates, each one keeping his distance, but a minority of customers wearing the mask.

“We see that people are much less nervous than before,” observes Diane Side, a client is met at the exit of the store.

This opinion is shared by many other people.

“People wear less and less in the mask. Perhaps they say that the virus is gone and life goes on,” says Alexia.

The loosening may be due to the fact that people are less nervous than before, as highlighted by a client of the Walmart, Diane Side.

A long queue

En route to Costco. A few hours before the long holiday of Canada day, the queue outside stretches over several tens of meters.

Unlike Walmart, many wear a mask. Inside, it is primarily the section of clothing where the rule of two meters is not always respected. In addition to the funds, it is a bit of a mess.

Small question out to an employee to know if there is a count of the number of people inside. The answer is in the affirmative.

Ghislain Alain, who was shopping with his wife, finds a release in the last few weeks.

“Not only is there a release, but there has never really been a lot of accession to the port from the cover face. It is even less than before which was already not many.”

The virus is always present

Mr. Alain prefers to remain cautious following the directives of public health.

“It is a virus that we do not know. It is always better to be more careful,” he says.

“I find that the people have the air to be less on their guard. The washing of the hands seems to be acquired, but for the mask, there are several schools of thought,” adds, for its part, Valérie Lavoie, leaving Costco.

Sitting in his SUV waiting for his wife, Pierre Vaillancourt asserts that the déconfinement should not say release.

“Yes, it is true that there is a great release. It is as if the pandemic was no more. Me, I don’t put no mask, but I stand far away. I think that the world is playing with fire,” he says.

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