Québec has had to deal with the escapades of André Boisclair

Québec a dû gérer les frasques d'André Boisclair

Alexandre Robillard ,
Hugo Joncas ,
Nicolas Lachance and
Jean-François Gibeault

The Quebec government has had to pick up the broken pots and enter into an agreement confidential with André Boisclair after a complaint about the use of drugs and the presence of young people in his entourage while he was delegate-general in New York, has learned our Bureau of investigation.

This complaint, received during his brief tenure in 2012-2013, had been found to be justified, said a source close to the dossier, who did not wish to be identified.

The legal services of the Quebec government’s handling of the folder and an agreement confidential intervened with Mr. Boisclair.

The deputy minister then stationed at the department of international Relations, Michel Audet, announced to Mr. Boisclair that he was the subject of allegations about its behaviour, we did one shown. It has not been possible to know more about the situation that led to this complaint if it is not that it was related to the use of drugs and the presence of young people in his entourage.

André Boisclair leaves the operational centre Is the SPVM on may 29 after he was accused of sexual assault with a weapon.

Mr. Boisclair has been arrested and accused of sexual assault with a weapon 10 days ago.

The facts, which are not related to his stay in new york, be produced in Montreal six years ago, on January 8, 2014. At this time, Mr. Boisclair was back from a few months to New York, where he represented the Quebec as a general delegate for less than a year.

Firm inform

The existence of a complaint against Mr. Boisclair had been communicated to the entourage of the first minister, Pauline Marois, who had appointed him to New York.

Nicole Stafford, the director of cabinet of Ms. Marois, has confirmed to our Office of investigation, that she had been informed.

“I’ve heard about it, she said. I’ve never seen the complaint. “

Ms. Stafford maintains that it did not ask any question about the nature of the complaint against Mr. Boisclair. She has not been able to tell if this complaint has contributed to the end of the term steep of Mr. Boisclair in the american metropolis.

“Mr. Boisclair is income and it is set to international Relations “, she said, noting that there had been no ” official complaint to the police.”

“As soon as Mr. Boisclair has left New York, there was no monitoring of it,” she added.

Mr. Boisclair has left his post in September 2013 following allegations the ex-mp caquiste Jacques Duchesneau, who had established a link between the consumption of cocaine to Mr. Boisclair and the award of a contract.

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Mix of young hustlers, and drug

Many ex-sex workers in montreal have testified that drug use was frequently associated to their sexual relations with André Boisclair.

The stories that we have collected from these four young men, who have attended parties with him, going from 2006 to 2014.

Yves* is an ex-prostitute who is said to have sold his services to the ex-head of the Parti quebecois from 2005 to 2006. He said he acted as intermediary between Mr. Boisclair, and other young men, who had been contacted via the sites instant messaging. The photo of Yves, rather than that of Mr. Boisclair, was used to create the profiles that they used to invite their partners to join them in the Old-Montreal.

“I was going to look at the bottom of his apartment on the rue Saint-Pierre, and when they arrived at the top, they realized that we were not alone,” said Yves.


The four young men claim that Mr. Boisclair was supplying the drug at all and that the sexual relations were sometimes violent.

“At one point, he became completely frozen and it was no longer funny,” recalls Yves.

He remembers to be taken during an evening that could have gone wrong to turn to a partner than Mr. Boisclair had attached. “I had to go away, because it breathed more, it was in the process of suffocation “, he says.

According to Stéphane*, another ex-prostitute, the young men whom Mr. Boisclair retained the services were ” escorts [male] paid to hit other escorts, escorts returned because they are not quite violent.” Stéphane says will be propose sex games violent.

“He said that I would do very badly if I wanted to “, he says.

The sister of another prostitute, who is now dead, keeps a bad memory of the relationship that he had with Mr. Boisclair.

“My brother seemed to be under the influence of this person, says Samia Thivierge. It always came back to him. “

* Fictitious names

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