Quebec is not out of the woods of the COVID-19

Le Québec n’est pas sorti du bois de la COVID-19

The pandemic is not over. Every day counts and it is necessary to make the account each day.

Early yesterday, I wrote in my review that the United States is far from having flattened the curve, and that Quebec should not imitate the flippant attitude of the administration to Trump that acts as if the crisis was a thing of the past. This morning, I learned that the government Legault goes precisely in this direction by announcing — on the sly, during the national holiday — its intention to no longer publish daily statistics on the pandemic for Quebec.

The example not to follow

It is a mistake. If we follow the daily doings of the administration Trump, one thing is clear: the president does not want to talk about the crisis of the sars coronavirus. For him, it is something classified, and, regardless of the statistics, it will repeat on all the rooftops that his administration has done an incredible job, “tremendous success“, as he said. It is boiled for the cats. The statistics speak for themselves. One only has to see the comparison of the count of cases between the european Union and the United States.

Evolution of the COVID-19 in the United States and in the european Union

Source: Felix Richter, “The State of The Unions”, Statista, June 25, 2020.

Speaking of being out of the woods, there is a old saying that if a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to see it, it never fell. By the same logic, if we stop to talk about a crisis, it is as if the crisis disappeared. By stretching the thing a bit, if we see less of the crisis, it becomes less urgent.

The urgency and the vigilance

In Quebec, the COVID-19 is still a crisis urgent, which merit continuing vigilance, including a count of daily cases, hospitalizations and deaths. By reducing this vigilance, a weekly report, the Quebec government sends the message that vigilance may be reduced and it is precisely this that all the governments of the world have to deal with this pandemic should not do, that is to say, to imitate the cavalier attitude of the administration to Trump.

I’m not trying to make a trial of intent, saying that the prime minister, Legault has the same referred narrowly partisan as his vis-à-vis the u.s. going in this direction. Even if he has the best intentions in the world, this is no less an error.

This is not finished

The government Legault alleges that a balance sheet daily to lose perspective. In fact, it is not necessary to take the prospect. It is necessary that this crisis we glue the nose each day not to forget the seriousness and magnitude. As we see today in all of these “redder States” that give credit to the flippant attitude of their president in the face of this virus, the latter repeating from the beginning that it is not worse than a bad case of the flu and that he is on the verge of extinction, we certainly can’t do it as if the pandemic was over.

This is not finished. Every day counts and it is necessary to make the account each day.


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