Quebec is reviewing its criteria for bonuses: up to 10 days of unpaid leave for nurses

Quebec is reviewing its criteria for bonuses: up to 10 days of age unpaid leave for nurses

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Faced with the outcry, Quebec adjusts the situation: nurses will be able to take up to 10 days of unpaid leave without losing their retention bonus.

Thus, there is no longer any question of losing the bonus of $ 12,000 to $ 18,000 for a single day of unjustified absence, as suggested by the application guide of the Ministère de la Health. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

The Minister of Health had declared that this interpretation was incorrect and he had undertaken to clarify the situation for the granting of these bonuses aimed at bringing nurses back into the public network and to convince those who are already in post to accept. to work full time. & nbsp; & nbsp;

On Friday, Quebec announced in a press release that beneficiaries of the bonus could take “10 days of leave with or without pay without affecting eligibility nor the calculation of lump sums ”. & nbsp; & nbsp;

In addition, the amount will be calculated based on the hours worked, which will allow shop stewards to receive the premium if they work weekends. In early November, Mr. Dubé blasted union delegates, whom he accused of blocking negotiations on the application of bonuses in order to be able to benefit themselves. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

In addition, teaching staff in nursing and cardiorespiratory care will also be able to benefit from these lump sums in proportion to the hours worked within the network. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Nurses who wish to benefit from them now have until January 14 to take advantage of it, a month more than initially expected. & Nbsp;

“[…] following our announcement, we have heard the concerns of staff in the field and the demands of the trade unions, and we agreed that adjustments were necessary to allow a certain flexibility and not to slow down people to stay or come back in the network ”, declared Mr. Dubé by way of press release. & nbsp; & nbsp;

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