Quebec more and more free

Le Québec de plus en plus libre

Quebec is taking another big step in his déconfinement today with the reopening of a dozen services. If several businesses can finally look to the future after this break, others face enormous challenges.

With the exception of greater Montreal where it will be on 15 June, the hairdressing salons will open their doors today. But owners of salons across Quebec denounce the high cost of equipment required for protection.

They must deal with “the logistics very heavy […] of which the damned coat of protection,” says Doris Bélanger, owner of the salon in The first, in Montreal. The guide, written by the CNESST, to the owners, requires the wearing of a tracksuit, which will need to be changed or washed at the wash between each client.

“We have made peace with the fact that we would decrease our sales, argues Anna Pacitto, owner of a thirty salons between Trois-Rivières and Granby. But because of the protective equipment and gowns, it’s going to cost us the eyes of the head. ”

If all the lounges in the Québec cap average of 10 customers per day, they will need 250 000 blouses. “In the rest of Canada and elsewhere in the world, such a blouse is not required,” says Stéphane Roy, hairdresser and president of the ACQ.

The living room Daklaras in the neighbourhood of Limoilou, in Quebec city, will receive today from some clients. “We work with a reduced roster. There will be two hairdressers instead of four, ” says the owner, Jennifer Daklaras. It deplores, rather fee health huge to pay without help from the government. “I can’t wait to return to my job, but if it is so dangerous, and that it’s so expensive, why is it open ? “wondered the entrepreneur.

Puzzle at dentists

The situation is not as obvious to the dentist, which the third party will not be able to reopen today

Dentists Anne Robert and Denis Binet prepare their firm to receive patients. They have had to make several adjustments in the rooms, receiving the guests, including laying polythene on the ceiling, add doors and purchase equipment filtration air.

With a 1300 appointment to reschedule, it’s all a logistical headache that awaits the dentists Anne Robert and Denis Binet of the Dental Clinic Binet & Robert, Quebec. It is, however, far from being their sole concern.

“The big lack, currently, it is at the level of “fit test” and the [masks] N95. It is not able to have any at all, at all. We even respond when we call service providers, as they keep it for medical only, ” says Dr. Binet.

“We’re ready “

In the shopping centers outside of Montreal, which re-opened also, the time was to the final preparations yesterday.

At Place Sainte-Foy, pellets were placed on the ground to indicate the direction of traffic.

“We are ready (…) We consider that the environment of the shopping centre is great to respect the distance,” says the owner of shoe shops Jean-Paul Fortin and Clarks, Francois Monat, met at Place Ste-Foy.

It is to be noted that all the stores will probably not be able to open today. In some shopping centres, it is anticipated that only a trade-in two would be operational today. The port of the mask by the customer is not required, but is strongly encouraged, said the major shopping malls of Quebec city.

D-day for the campsites

It is also the great day for the campers. If most of them have not failed to show their enthusiasm for the reopening today, others feel more cautious.

This is the case for Éric Landry, owner of the Camping Les Cèdres in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, ” This is a huge stress. What we fear the most, it is an outbreak “, he launched yesterday.

In addition to having to hire staff, additional maintenance and the need to comply with the measures of the public Health, it is said to be flooded with calls from clients worried about them also.

– With Anne-Sophie Perry, Dominique Lelièvre, Maude Ouellet

Re-openings expected today


  • Clinics private health care : dentistry, physiotherapy, osteopathy, occupational therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, psychology, optometry, acupuncture, naturopathy, homeopathy, social work, marriage & family therapist, sex therapy, nutrition, speech pathology and audiology, podiatry, complementary medicine or alternative and grooming of animals.
  • Reopening gradual courthouses across the province.


  • Reopening of day care centres


  • Shopping Centres, centres for aesthetic treatments such as hair salons and barbers, centers of aesthetics, the business of manicure and pedicure services, hair removal, skin care, and studios tattoo and piercing.
  • Campgrounds, outfitting operations, Zecs, and the Sépaq will welcome visitors today, except in the Greater Montreal region and in the MRC of Joliette. Different rules apply, however.
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