Quebec motorists less distracted than those in the West

Quebec motorists are less distracted than those in the West

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Motorists in Quebec and Ontario are less distracted at the wheel than those in the west of the country, concludes a Hellosafe study unveiled Thursday.

According to the study, 340 people died in a road accident in Quebec in 2019, the highest number ahead of Ontario (335), British Columbia (289) and Alberta (289). p>

On the other hand, only 47 of these deaths, or 13.8% of the total, could be attributed to distracted driving – such as using your cell phone while driving – which is the lowest rate nationwide, closely followed by Ontario with a 14.75% rate of distraction-related deaths.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, British Columbia has almost twice as many deaths related to distraction (27%), while Alberta is close to this rate (24.9%).

More broadly, 21% of accidents are due to distraction in Quebec, a rate that climbs to 35% in Colombia-Br itannical.

The lack of attention of drivers on the road is obviously not without consequences. In addition to putting people's lives at risk, distracted driving is costly for insurers, who will have to pay out about $ 102.3 million in claims just in 2021, Hellosafe assessed.


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