Quebec offers a salary increase of 18% for the attendants in CHSLDS

Québec propose une hausse de salaire de 18% pour les préposés en CHSLD

QUÉBEC | The government Legault has enhanced the increase of salary offered to the beneficiary attendants from 12% to 18%, in the hope of concluding the negotiations on the renewal of the collective agreements of State employees.

Thus, an orderly working at public full-time would see his annual salary go from 42 000 $ to 51 000 $ (26, 89 $/h).

A week ago, the offer on the table was 12 per cent up to $ 25 for the orderlies, but the two parties did not agree on the way to get there.

The improvement of conditions of work is also being planned for nurses and healthcare professionals.

Quebec also provides for a lump sum of $ 1000 in 2020, and $ 600 in 2021.

The proposal to increase the salary of all other employees of the State of 5 % over three years still stands.

The proposals also provide for an increase in the entry level wage of teachers which would increase to more than $ 50,000. The more experienced teacher would have a bonus “emeritus” of 5% for a salary of $91,000.

  • Listen to the interview of the leader of the Parti Québécois Pascal Bérubé with Jonathan Trudeau at QUB Radio:

“I think it is very reasonable, and it respects the ability to pay of our citizens,” said the president of the Treasury Board, Christian Dubé, at a press conference.

For its part, the FTQ deplores that the government does nothing in regards to orderlies in NURSING homes private.

“What Quebec had placed on the table for discussion for all the employees, here is the government retreating and file only for those who work in NURSING homes, it’s incomprehensible,” said the central union.

The CSN considers “insufficient” the government’s proposal because it fails to address the conditions of work of staff in the public network.

“The problems that existed before the crisis will not disappear, quite the contrary. […] it is imperative that we have a space to set up solutions immediately to improve the working conditions. Otherwise the problems of attraction and retention will continue, with the consequences that we live today,” said the union.




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