Quebec pee-wee tournament: an emotional appeal with his father at the front

Quebec pee-wee tournament: an emotional call with his father at the front


Hockey may have healed the wounds of young Ukrainians for the past two weeks, but despite the great moments they have had in Quebec, it has been difficult for members of the young team to completely forget what is happening. in their country. 

“It's hard for them to always remain positive, because they always have in mind what is happening at home, they have in mind their loved ones who are fighting,” noted Evgheniy Pysarenko, the team's head coach. 

Pysarenko also spoke of a very touching moment that occurred on Thursday. For a rare time, goalkeeper Matvii Kulish was able to speak with his father, who is currently at the front. 

“It was very emotional,” said the head coach of the formation. 

One minute conversation

The conversation on Skype was not of long duration, specified the manager of the team, the Quebecer Sean Bérubé. 

The team was then at the PEPS of Laval University and the cameras of the NBC television network were present for a report, which will air on Sunday evening. 

They captured the discussion, which was limited to one minute, for security reasons. 

The young Kulish had previously waited in front of his computer for about forty minutes to be able to exchange a few words with his dad. 

“Everyone was crying”, underlined Saturday Mr. Bérubé, still touched by this moment.  

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