Québec solidaire is asking the government to relax the rules for small brewers

Québec solidaire demande au gouvernement d’assouplir les règles pour les microbrasseurs

Québec solidaire press the government Legault to allow microbreweries severely affected by the crisis of the COVID-19 to sell their products directly to consumers.

Currently, small brewers can sell their beer only in the form of bars or distributors.

However, a simple decree signed by Quebec would allow them to sell their beers directly to consumers, either online or by delivery, in retail or in the public markets, argues the opposition party.

“It’s been a long time that the small brewers are asking for a modernisation of the current rules to facilitate the distribution of their products, but now it really is midnight less one. The government must stop sleeping on the “switch” and help these craftsmen to get through the crisis, ” says the member of parliament in solidarity Vincent Marissal, by means of a press release on Thursday.

He recalls that the small brewers have been ” the first to close, and will probably be the last to get back 100% of their customer base in the coming months “.

Already, producers of cider and wine can make the delivery directly to consumers and sell their products in the public markets, says his colleague, mp Christine Labrie.

“If we want to encourage local purchasing, it is necessary to modernise the rules and to allow small brewers to diversify their sources of income. It is crucial to their survival and it is a change that would not cost a penny to the government, ” she said.

Québec solidaire recalled that the brewers directly employ more than 5,000 people and nearly 40% of these enterprises are located in towns of less than 20,000 inhabitants.

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