Quebec, the world's second largest producer of cranberries

Qu & eacute; bec, the world's second largest producer of cranberries

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A few months ago, the cranberry season was in full swing, but these are the holidays we usually savor.

Danielle Landreville runs the Mont Atoca farm, in Sainte-Mélanie, in Lanaudière. Last year's harvest went very well. & Nbsp;

“We have good weather and we have several early varieties, so the harvest is still quite advanced. Because one of the difficulties with harvesting is that, as it approaches mid-October, the chances of frost are high. This is a problem, “she explains. & Nbsp;

The cranberry harvest is done in a flooded field. & Nbsp;

“We flood the field with six inches of water. We detach the fruit. Then we raise the water up to 18 inches, just below our knees, then, there, with the boom, we are able to collect, like in the field here, 200,000 pounds of fruit, four people, in an hour, ”she says.

The harvest period lasts between five and six weeks.

The culture of cranberries in Quebec is constantly growing, year after year, making Quebec the second largest producer in the world. & Nbsp;

“What makes it grow so much, c 'is that it is a small fruit which is excellent for health, full of vitamin C and anthocyanidin, but also, it is a fruit which is inexpensive, given the mechanization of the harvest with all its qualities “, underlines Ms. Landreville. & nbsp;

She confirms that it is a fruit that can be eaten all year round, that is processed, that is consumed dry, that can be consumed in juice, that can be consumed in different ways.

Make the Cranberry cultivation requires major investments. Not everyone can improvise themselves, overnight, cranberry picker.

“The financial end is very high, in cranberry production, because they are very large infrastructures, then there is no real end, depending on how you want to do it. But for sure, finding the money, I can't say it's easy, but the easy access to credit is there. The challenge is really to become a good producer, ”explains Evans Landreville-Nadeau, President and CEO of the Nadeau Group. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

However, it is difficult to know if the cranberries will continue to grow in the coming years. & nbsp;

“Quebec producers are dynamic, they are very ingenious, inventive, and they will always be ready to respond to the market”, believes Mr. Landreville- Nadeau. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

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