Quebecers are least affected by the pandemic that the Americans

Les Québécois moins affectés par la pandémie que les Américains

The psychological impact of the pandemic would be less important in Quebec and in Canada than in the United States, reveals a study conducted by the University of Sherbrooke.

For several weeks, the team of researchers led by dr. Mélissa Généreux has surveyed nearly 7800 people from different countries such as Canada, the United States, England, Switzerland, Hong-kong, the Philippines, and New Zealand. The survey was designed to measure ” the influence of media discourse and government on the psychological response and behaviour of the population “.

And the results show that the United States seem to be more affected on the level of the psychological health of the seven countries and regions analyzed. According to the data, the generalized anxiety in the United States reached 31 %, and major depression to 28.2 %.

“In Canada it saves somewhat less generalized anxiety (19.6 % ) and depression (22,2 %),” says the survey.

Since the peak of the first wave, the researchers are seeing a ” slight improvement in psychological health “. However, the levels of depression present, in Canada and in the United States, remain ” 3 and 4 times higher than before the pandemic “.

“In comparison to Canada, the levels of depression and anxiety current are similar to those observed in Fort McMurray, 6 months after the forest fires devastating 2016,” says the document.

And in Canada, Quebec is the province that shows a rate of anxiety is lower. The rate of major depression in Quebec (17 %) is significantly lower than that found in Ontario (26.2 %) and elsewhere in Canada (21.3 percent).

More details to follow.

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