Quebecers at the Panthers game

Quebecers at the Panthers game


The annual holiday gathering of Quebecers at the Canadiens game against the Florida Panthers allows several families who live in Florida or who are on vacation to get together and proudly wear their Canadiens jersey.

Yves Beaulieu and Micheline Beaulieu spent a pleasant evening at the Canadiens game with their grandchildren, Jonathan and Marianne Paré.

Yves Venditto, who attended the Canadiens game in Tampa as well as the one against the Panthers, and the co-owner of Frenchie's Bar & Grill, in Hallandale, Martin Tremblay.

Yohann Benson, the golf professional at Club le Mirage, who spends part of the winter in Florida, was present at the game.

Alexandre Bédard, Harmony Phaneuf, Marlène Godbout and her husband, Jean Bédard took the opportunity to attend the game before celebrating the New Year in Florida.

Mélissa Tremblay and Michel Goulet, from Gatineau, are having fun with their children, Alyssia and Isac Goulet.

The excellent Saint-Lin baseball player Benjamin Hamelin and Chloé Francey enjoyed the game despite the loss to the Canadian.

The dynamic actress Geneviève Schmidt and her brother Martin encouraged the Canadian, but in vain.

The Panthers mascot welcomed Mathieu Barette and his son Zac.

Quebecers at the Panthers game