Quebecers fear they will not be able to leave Martinique

Some Quebeckers fear they will not be able to leave Martinique

MISE & Agrave; DAY

Tensions and violence linked to the imposition of a health passport in Martinique have left Quebecers stranded there, unable to return to the country.

Looting, road blockades, fires and tensions with the police are among the events shaking Martinique in recent days. & Nbsp;

Several local unions have also called a general strike to protest against the imposition of the sanitary passport. & nbsp;

Thus, many Quebecers fear they will not be able to return to Canada.

The PCR tests, necessary to take the plane and return to the country, are very difficult to access. & nbsp;

In addition, travel to the airport is severely hampered by road blockages. Some Quebecers must use strategy to try to return home. & Nbsp;

“The taxi we booked manages to clear roads because he knows people. We figured it takes five hours to make sure we get there. Otherwise, we have a plan B, we have a boat that will take us to a marina near the airport and then we have to monopolize someone to bring us to the airport ”, explains Dorian Kartalovski, Canadian permanent resident in Martinique . & nbsp;

Despite the curfew in place and the postponement of the vaccination obligation, specialists believe that the situation could get even worse in Martinique. & nbsp;

” The tension doesn't go down at all. This is not the right time to come and put your bags in Martinique in order to hope to come have a holiday, ”believes Michelle Martineau, doctoral student in political science, specialist in the French West Indies. & Nbsp;

One flight per week rereads Montreal and Martinique. It will take place on Saturday at 3 p.m., and many Quebecers will do everything to be on board.


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