Quebecers want to stay here for their holidays

Les Québécois veulent rester ici pour leurs vacances

If a lot of people welcome the government’s proposals Legault order to encourage them to stay in the province to enjoy their vacation this summer, businesses that earn their living from tourism are not met before the plan of the minister of Tourism, Caroline Proulx.

Travel safety

To avoid the chaos of the sanitary blocks of the camp sites this summer, Marc-André Thibault, father of a little boy, has a shelter and shower and a composting toilet portable.

The money he had raised for a trip to the South was to be reinvested in the summer holidays and the camping trips, canoe and at the chalet, that will take place in Quebec. Discount or not, the worker in a community-based organization intend to take advantage of his summer in the province.

“With this happens, it is better not to travel too far this year “, he believes.

– Anne-Sophie Perry

Some interesting offers… but it will depend on

Stacy Gimenez (left), his daughters Emy and Allison and Charlie Riopel, a friend, had a picnic Thursday at park Charbonneau Rosemere on the North Shore. They do not know what they will be doing this summer.

If the government’s offer seems to be interesting for some, others show a enthusiasm careful when you explain to them the offers.

“For the moment, we had nothing planned because with the COVID, it was really complicated to try to plan something,” says Charlie Riopel, a student of psychology who lives in Sainte-Thérèse, on the north crown of Montreal.

“The proposed funding seems interesting, but we’re still going to wait before planning to get our things,” says Ms. Riopel, that picnicking with a friend and the girls at parc Charbonneau in Rosemère when The Journal met with the quartet.

What will be open ?

“It is certain that it has the air interesting when you look at it, but it will mainly depend on the activities that will be offered [in the plans of the government] or even that will be open,” related Stacy Gimenez.

The mother of two daughters 9 and 7 years old and nursing student, the 30 year-old woman does not want to move to be confined to a place.

“If we are going to camp out for not being able to set foot outside of our property, it will not be worth the trouble. The situation may so change quickly “, grade Ms. Gimenez.

In spite of everything, Ms. Riopel and her friend should stay in Quebec when the time comes to enjoy their holiday.

– Cédérick Caron

Guided by the discount

Arrival in Quebec a year ago with her husband and two children, the French Emilie Cutivet account well take advantage of the deals announced on Thursday, to explore new places and save money.

With the containment linked to the COVID-19, the family of the councillor in travel in the region of Magog, in Estrie, has not been able to travel the province as she had hoped this spring.

“It will allow us to discover the Quebec and also allow Quebeckers to rediscover their beautiful province,” argues dr Cutivet.

At the beginning of the month of July, the family will also five nights in a hotel in Mont-Tremblant, in the Laurentians.

The clan Cutivet, who comes from Lyon, could be guided by the offers in the Explore program in Quebec for its choice of getaways or discounts to the Société des établissements de plein air du Québec for a day in a national park, for example.

– Anne-Sophie Perry

Six weeks to browse through the province

A fan of recreational vehicles, has chosen to change their holiday itinerary due to the pandemic.

Julie Bouchard and his family were, therefore, dropped the canadian West and a trip of three weeks in the United States.

The educator in a daycare in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, in Montérégie region, will benefit rather of its six weeks of summer vacation to visit Quebec.

Cantons-de-l’est, Estrie, Quebec, Montérégie : destinations, however, are not yet established.

“I’m going to look at what the government offers us as a discount. It will perhaps direct our choices, ” said Ms. Bouchard.

– Anne-Sophie Perry

Much harder in Montreal than in Quebec

The Office du tourisme de Québec (OTQ) and the hotel Association of the region of Québec (AHRQ) were more optimistic than Tourism Montreal, who has advocated for the survival of several players on Thursday.

In Quebec, the relief and the terms of repayment have been well received.

“We truly hope that Quebecers are rediscovering the Capitale-Nationale region this summer,” said Marjolaine de Sa, of the AHRQ.

“We are very pleased that the government has responded to the cry of the heart of the industry,” says Jenna Dubé, spokesman for the OTQ and its 875 members.

In the metropolis, the president and ceo of Tourisme Montréal has spoken to a vacancy rate of 95 % in hotels.

“There are a number of challenges. First, it is the survival of enterprises. Loans, there are going to be needs because there is no revenue currently, ” says Yves Lalumière.

It relies on interprovincial travel is unknown and the gradual opening up of borders to welcome new visitors.

– Jean-François Racine

A breath of fresh air for the zoos

The reopening of zoos is welcomed with happiness by the owners, who assure they will be ready.

“It was weeks that we waited for this good news-there “, responded to warm the general manager of the Granby Zoo, Paul Gosselin, visibly in a good mood.

Thursday’s announcement also removes a lot of weight on the shoulders of the owner of the Miller Zoo. “All ends well “, lance Clifford Miller.

A week ago, the owner of the tourist attraction of Frampton in the Beauce, had announced, exceeded, the opening of the park Saturday for lack of government permission.

“It is our happiness, we didn’t want to play [the illegal],” says the one that will open its doors on June 20.

The owners have good hope that visitors will be waiting for you.

“There’s a lot of excitement,” says Mr. Gosselin.

Due to sanitary measures, the Granby Zoo will need to limit the number of daily visitors to 3,000 so that the site can receive up to 6000.

– Nicolas Saillant

Hoteliers are disappointed

The hoteliers are far from being satiated by the ad government on Thursday. They would have preferred a more direct help.

“In the short term, the answer is not there. Politically, it seems well to say that we give $ 750 million, but the aid in the form of loans is not really appropriate in the situation in which we live, ” responded the president of the board of directors of the Association hôtellerie Québec, Dany Thibault.

All have, however, welcomed the establishment of incentives for the Quebec travel in Quebec, the “good news” of the day, according to Christiane Germain, Groupe Germain Hotels.

– Jean-Luc Lavallée

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